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La Ferme Cooperative aux Champs qui Chantent

Brownsburg, QC

In 2008, Jenna Jacobs moved to Quebec to do a PhD in Forest Ecology at UQUAM while Eby Heller obtained a B.Sc in Agriculture and Environment and a M.Sc in Geography at McGill. Four years later, Jenna Jacobs and Eby Heller combined their skills and knowledge to create a successful cooperative farm called La Ferme Cooperative aux Champs qui Chantent.

2021 farm crew

The farm, located in Brownsburg-Chatham, is a 114 acre mixed cedar and hardwood lot with the remaining areas of land are pastures divided by treelines. The farm cultivates 5 acres of vegetables each season from this clay-loam soil and replenishes the land through long crop rotations between productive seasons. The farm delivers fresh produce, which includes vegetables, fruit, eggs, kale, and cut flowers, to Lachute and Montreal on a weekly basis.

Jenna Jacobs looking stylish on the tractor! Emma Tarbush volunteered for the farm by helping out with the distribution of CSA baskets at La Maison de L'Amitié in the Plateau and this is when/where they met Jenna Jacobs. Emma and Jenna have kept in touch ever since. Cafe Bandit's mission is to support and work with local farmers and producers from the LGBTQI+ and marginalized communities. We know the importance of supporting our local economy. Through elevating marginalized people, supporting local farmers and producers and through using ecological packaging we can move towards a more sustainable future.

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