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La Fermette

146 Chemin de Covey Hill, Hemmingford QC

Annie-Claude and Justine are two market gardeners. They cultivate a 1.5 acre bio-intensive garden in Hemmingford, southern Quebec. La Fermette was born out of a common passion, between them and the enthusiastic restaurant owners at La Buvette chez Simone and Café Parvis, for vegetables, seasonal flavours and culinary culture.

Photo of the founders and their dog

In their garden, they produce more than thirty varieties of vegetables, tomatoes, greens and herbs that are found in the dishes of these Montreal restaurants and on the stalls of their farmers' markets.

We discovered the La Fermette when we went to the Marche des Eclusiers in Vieux Montreal one Saturday morning. We were both impressed by the 30 varieties of vegetables, tomatoes and greens in the market display and the excellent customer service. We took home a bunch of different vegetables including ruby-red beets. This is when our dark chocolate beetroot cake was born!

Marge and Emma from Cafe Bandit are very excited to order produce from La Fermette come Springtime. It's amazing to have so many incredible local farmers!

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